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  2. Back in the day i was a player under the name Hackingu Main problem i am facing now trying to log in 2018 I Forgot password My account had a 500million cash stack Dharoks gear and Axe lvl 85 attack 98 strength and 94 Defence and all other skills to lvl 40 to 60 If any server manager could get in touch with me that would be sweet
  3. PinkWhisper

    Slayer Monsters

    and that answer is no, not in slayer tower either so how do we cancel slayer tasks when assigned something that doesn't exist anywhere?
  4. PinkWhisper

    Slayer Monsters

    are ankou in stronghold of security?
  5. PinkWhisper

    Hi I'm Kim

    Kim is my real name but my in-game name is Pinkwhisper. I am 43 and am a game developer, developing a game in Unity3D. Having fun playing this server while taking short breaks from my game even if i am playing with 0 players online.
  6. PinkWhisper

    broken votes?

    I just voted on all 6 sites and each one said my vote was registered but ::checkvotes in game does nothing at all and on vote page it looks like i never voted on anything but if i go back to each site it says i already voted so can't do it again therefore i think your voting system is broken
  7. PinkWhisper

    can't log in

    nevermind, i had to create a username on website to sign in
  8. PinkWhisper

    can't log in

    hello, I just recreated my account, was a member back in 2014 and kinda forgot about this server until i saw my login details saved on a notecard on my computer but it said invalid account so i used same name and password to create a new account but when i try to log in it is telling me invalid login or password but i know it isn't because i just now made the account and even clicked verification in my email.
  9. Gruwy

    What's going on?

    Guess John doesn't want to do anything with it. He collected donations for new year party and that's it.
  10. Antitank

    What's going on?

    Hey, Just wondering whats the state of the server, any info?
  11. Armadyl68

    Old Donator

    Hey, I'm an old player, i was donator on two of my accounts, Armadyl68. and Kilthos. Just wondering what i need to do to possibly get that back?
  12. finally back boys ;)

  13. Glacors4Loot

    I’m Back. All the mods/Admins.. Owner :) Hello

    I'm Glacors. I don't remember you.
  14. Hello there.. Nice to.. finally see you all once again. Most of the new folk won’t know me, but if you’re an old member of staff.. you may remember me. I was Iped after all.. which... Strawberry explained was for something I didn’t do.. but w/e the past is the past. Would like to know how many of the old staff are still here, need some familiar faces. Yours Truely.. Pute899
  15. Xyx3r

    hello new and old mates!

    i played this server when it openfirst time,,, miss those old times , and ofcourse my bank's ahah =D its time to start- not sure abaut my donations, ign: xyxer, xyxer,x y x e r , xyxer jr
  16. Real Glacors

    Good Ol' Glacors

    Thought i'd come say hi, but looks like there servers dead
  17. Snakeboots


    #Snakeboots4mod #Snakeboots4mod ~~ With love Snakeboots P.S. #Snakeboots4mod P.P.S. I'm joking and bored. Sorta...
  18. Not sure if i would be the only who would love this but i think it would be an awesome thing to add to the forums!! Would help so much more to get a hold of people or answer any questions anyone may have. I know we use to have it in the past?!?!?!?! But anyways let me know what you think about adding a chat box on forums!! Thanks and have an amazing day and best wishes! <3 ~Cody
  19. Cody

    bots etc

    I have noticed a lot of bots lately at thieving it's becoming a problem
  20. Cody

    Completionist Cape Requirements

    Great post will come in handy for anyone going for completionist cape!!
  21. Cody

    Thieving Bots

    OK so i don't think i'm the only one who noticed this but past few weeks i've noticed the same players @ thieving stalls doing the exact movements and keep speaking different languages randomly and it's always the same thing typed over and over to make it not look like they are botting.... most of there combats are lvl 80-98 i've noticed and always have 99 thieving and 99 fishing and misc combat stats.. If they are not bots (highly doubtful) i'm sorry for accusing them of it but they keep saying the same thing over and over again constantly.. lately i've been the only player on sometimes and when i teleport to west-bank i've noticed sometimes they just talk to themselves in different languages and when you try to interact with them they don't respond and just keep thieving. Thank you if you can help or solve this situation.... thanks and have a nice day and best wishes!!! ~Cody
  22. Jakkillr

    Unable to exit safe mode

    For some reason every time I try to leave 'safe mode' graphics I get an error saying that it couldn't switch to that mode and to see the website,
  23. Tha Mastha

    Low FPS

    Hi there, I just downloaded the game for the first time, and after I logged in my FPS is super low. I can normally run bigger games ( various steam games) on high settings and be fine but for some reason I can also not get it out of safe mode. My java and grapichs card are up to date so I cannot get why I have such low FPS. Plz look at this and have an answer for me. With kind regards, Tha Mastha
  24. Gruwy

    Completionist Cape Requirements

    Can't figure out, how to edit the post...
  25. Runeblade617

    Completionist Cape Requirements

    You are great. Thank you
  26. Completionist Cape Requirements 99 in ALL skills 120 Dungeoneering Completion of the Fight Kiln Defeat the Queen Black Dragon and obtain the First Dragonkin journal Mine 500 Runite Ores Chop 1000 Magic Logs Smelt 500 Rune Bars Fletch 1000 Magic Bows Cook 500 Sharks Fish 500 Sharks Bonfire 1000 Magic Logs Complete 150 laps on the Advanced Gnome Agility course Complete 150 laps on the Advanced Barbarian Agility course Read Armadyl's Assault Read Zilyana's Notes Read the Glory of Graador Read Razulei's tale Read Nex's Followers Read the Fourth Dragonkin journal.
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