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  3. Skeld

    Unable to login

    im having the same problem
  4. Owen


    The "players" at ClanWars are bots...
  5. Timid Koala


    I just logged on. Tried yelling, no response. Found everyone at the pk dungeon, no one talks. Wtf is going on with this server?
  6. Owen


    It is sadly
  7. Nivea


    it says there's 25 people online, but nobody says anything or does anything. I love the server so far it just seems dead :S
  8. Hector

    Slayer task

    Hey need help to reset my slayer task need kill Birds but idk where is
  9. Gruwy

    Updates 24th January 2019

    The server is dead again rofl
  10. Super Skillz

    Updates 24th January 2019

    Yo, played this server for about 2 years bought dicer when I first started then a reset made me lose it all, after reset bought it again for £100 aswell as ext donator now I’ve came back and I’ve lost it all again wth dude
  11. Lovetap


    Everyone hates doing hunter. Can we try to make this better/faster or a more fun experience in general please!
  12. Gruwy

    Updates 24th January 2019

    T_T I had to make all of them myself
  13. John

    The client wont even function on my laptop

    Problems with freezing can usually be resolved by changing your graphics settings to "min" before you log in. Once you're in, you can up the settings to something that still handles well.
  14. John

    Updates 24th January 2019

    Construction Shop A construction shop has been added to help you train! No longer will you have to create planks yourself. In order to encourage plank-making however, the builder will buy planks off you for the same as his selling price - could be a good money maker.
  15. CuriousJelly

    The client wont even function on my laptop

    agreed. the game is broken and no one has come forward to at least tell us its in the process of being repaired
  16. CuriousJelly

    server/game broken

    now before you tell me to relog/restart client it does not fix anything, Now everytime i play ( starting today ) my client shuts down at times randomly, Dragons arent appearing at all no matter where i go or what i try, constant freezing and lagging... Now my pc is brand new, powerful so it defiantly isnt the problem. please fix this
  17. I am an old donator/existing member and i can't seem to even type my login information in a timely basis without the client freezing up. When i manage to get my login information typed and i log in, in game i get froze up after a few clicks and i don't know how to handle it. I can see the icons popping up (ex: Logout button) but the frame itself stays the same and i can maneuver myself around the game. Project Dream was one of my absolute favorites and i've had such good times with it (pre every single reset) And i hope i can come up with a solution to make me be able to play on the game i used to call one of my homes
  18. Heather


    Welcome Josh! Hope to see you around ingame.
  19. Heather

    Coming Soon

    Can't wait!
  20. Heather

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome back Owen! Hopefully the server does continue to grow 🙂
  21. Heather

    Construction Store

    sounds like a fantastic money maker
  22. Heather

    Updates 11th January 2019

    The pk Bots are a really fun concept! Thanks John!
  23. Asianstar

    Stucked At Dungeoneering

    John or anyone staff who can help me get my account out of dungeoneering place, i can't login.
  24. Josh

    daily votes for free spins

    most of the time after i have done all voting sites i have to do one more in order for it to catch for some reason. The client will tell you when it has all votes.
  25. CuriousJelly

    daily votes for free spins

    Have just completed all my votes for today but no matter what i try, I still havent received my 6 free spins???
  26. Liam

    20 Spins

    Meh you’re probably right considering there’s only a 500 credit option for spins maybe just add packs of 5 for 50 as there’ll always be people with a few left over
  27. Vigilante

    Account Black Screened

    Glad you got it sorted out 🙂
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