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  4. Timid Koala

    Needs Improvement...

    The game is pretty glitchy, the re sizable screen doesn't work properly, bosses and npcs overall are glitchy, dz isn't worth the $25 with such limited content...
  5. Timid Koala


    Miss this server so much too. In game name was 4sia. Played this one for hours years ago when it was poppin'.
  6. Armadyl68

    What up!

    played this server back in like 2014 or 2015 i think, man i miss those days, would love to see it brought back
  7. Armadyl68


    yo i agree, i miss this server so much, but how are you playing, when i click play on the launcher it says checking updates then closes
  8. Asianstar


    Cmon people get yo ass back onto the game. Don't just leave the fken game dead like this. No one's gonna maybe see this dumb message but yall need to come back and play to keep the damn server alive once again. P.S. -asian dude
  9. SwiftIcy

    Donator perks?

    Maybe post one in knowledge base of what donator gives you etc?
  10. SwiftIcy

    What up!

    Had an account since 2018, coming back because i was craving runescape again lol
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