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  1. John


    This should be fixed
  2. John

    Updates 29th of April 2021

    Today's update brings some bug fixes. We're continuing to review your reports and suggestions so please keep them coming. Reworked the weapon animation system so animations should be more accurate Fixed clipping for projectiles, so you can't be attacked through walls anymore Improved texture loading in some cases Fixed view stats on other players
  3. John

    Donator Benefits

    Your donations help keep Project Dream running. Your donation grants you access to: Donator commands Increased EXP rate (1.35x for Premium Donators and 1.8x for Extreme Donators) Increased rare drop rate (1.10x for Premium Donators and 1.20x for Extreme Donators Increased hit rate Access to the donator zone (::dz) Dedicated skilling areas Concentrated shop spawns Prestige for combat ability rewards Additional combat training Bork Ability to wield: Void items Halos Flaming skulls Imbued rings Deathtouched darts Third-age items Ability to change yell colour A warm fuzzy feeling
  4. John

    The client wont even function on my laptop

    Problems with freezing can usually be resolved by changing your graphics settings to "min" before you log in. Once you're in, you can up the settings to something that still handles well.
  5. John

    Updates 24th January 2019

    Construction Shop A construction shop has been added to help you train! No longer will you have to create planks yourself. In order to encourage plank-making however, the builder will buy planks off you for the same as his selling price - could be a good money maker.
  6. John


    Welcome back! Thanks for donating
  7. John

    Updates 11th January 2019

    We've made some improvements to the recently released PK bots. All bots in dangerous areas will now have armour. Prayer switching speed has been increased. Fixed bug where bots might follow you after having killed you. Please continue to post bugs and suggestions, and we'll continue to provide improvements.
  8. John

    Buggy Pk Bots

    I can see from our logs that your account of events isn't quite the truth, as this is where your items were dropped: I've tested moving to safe areas and not once have the bots attacked me after moving there; with any attack style etc. The release thread clearly states that we will not refund items lost to the bots under any circumstances, and its a well-known inherent risk that you knowingly take when using the red portal that you may lose your items. In future, stick to the white portal unless you are taking items that you can afford to lose.
  9. John

    Promo - 600 FREE credits!

    Promo time! Get 600 free credits. No strings attached. Be quick! Claim your credits now.
  10. BETA This has been in development for a while, and we're now ready to release a beta version of PKing bots. These are currently located in the Clan Wars white (safe) and red (dangerous) portals. Terms of beta We need your feedback. These bots have been tested internally but the level of difficulty needs to be assessed so we can provide the best experience for everyone At the moment, the bots in dangerous areas will not drop their items, instead a cash reward. They will also reward fewer FOG tokens than killing another player. BE WARNED: You will still lose your items in dangerous PKing areas. We will not refund any items lost to bots. Test your skills in safe PKing before risking your items. Leave feedback on PKing bots.
  11. John

    Jadinkos before 80 slayer

    I've removed your task
  12. John

    Coming Soon

    Big update coming in beta during the next few days. Stay posted!
  13. John

    Updates 5th January 2019

    We've updated the map layout at home so it's easier to navigate. NPCs around central Varrock now have a helpful label on them. Behind the scenes.
  14. John

    We Need Your Help...

    ...to make Project Dream the best it can be. What do you want out of your game play? Is there something missing, or maybe something not quite right? Let us know, and popular suggestions will make the cut.
  15. John

    Updates 2nd January 2019

    We knocked through West bank has a new access point, for thieving and marginally quicker access to central Varrock. We've also fixed some pesky map bugs!