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  1. John

    Direct x issue

    Hi Nightwolf, I'd advise making sure your graphics drivers and Java version are up to date. However, some graphics cards simply perform better with OpenGL instead of Direct X and restrict it's usage.
  2. Fixed smelting (oops) Added correct gold leaf to construction store Added watering can to store Enabled going to other peoples houses
  3. Today we have some much-needed Dungeoneering improvements. No more random objects/ground-items in strange places Divine Skinweaver now becomes talkable after tunnels are blocked Ores can now be mined Bars can now be smelted Armour/weapons can now be smithed Logs/vines can now be cut Bug allowing people to use any door without the key is fixed Additionally: Black masks/DFS can now be uncharged Diamond bolts added to range store Client diagnostics are automatically sent to us
  4. You asked, and we delivered. Boss pets will now be dropped as a rare item by their larger counterparts. Current boss pets: General Graador Kree'arra Zilyana Nex KBD Corporeal Beast Additionally, the dwarf multi-cannon is now available for high level players in the ticket shop, at ::eastbank
  5. Agility bonus experience Added missing net to agility Fixed issue with mining rocks not respawning
  6. Magic defence decreased for bosses Reduced health of Glacors & Glacytes Price of more popular pets increased from 1gp Added ::shops as a shortcut for extreme donators to get to the shopping tent Added advanced barbarian agility to comp requirements Added Agile Top reward for 100 advanced barbarian agility laps Fixed double exp for wilderness agility rope Added farming supplies to ext shop tent Added ::sawmill for players having issues getting to the sawmill Dung bosses will no longer hit the same constantly You should now be able to unbind/destroy bound items
  7. Please try this and let me know if you have any success: https://projectdream.co.uk/ProjectDreamMac.zip
  8. Hi Strat, This is something we're really keen on doing, but we don't have any Apple devices to test with! We'll aim to get something to you soon for you to try out
  9. Re-vamped thieving area at home Client will log output to "output.txt". Send this to us if your client crashes! Some client clean-up - an attempt to reduce crashing Updated teleports tab hover to say "Teleports" instead of "Quests Tab"
  10. Items can now be bound in Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Rewards will now work as expected Magic can now be used in Dungeoneering
  11. John

    I believe my IP is blocked

    Are you by chance based in India? If not please let us know your usual IP
  12. John


  13. Added Lumbridge Swamp Caves for Slayer Fixed Fight Caves distance bug Removed herbs and added new SOF items Boosted dung rewards and FIXED HITPOINTS
  14. Their hits have been reduced by about 50%

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