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  1. Strawberry

    Updates 16th of April 2021

    Updates - 16th of April 2021 Upgraded cache We have released the upgraded cache! When you start your launcher it will, hopefully, automatically download the necessary files. Lots of small issues that arose because of the upgraded cache have been fixed. For example; slayer tower was completely different, some NPCs were changed which meant they broke, the entrance to Dagannoth kings now has a walled off area before you can enter, and much.. much more). I'm sure there will be more issues which we have missed, and it would be much appreciated if they were reported in the bug reports section. Note: We are aware that in some circumstances it takes longer than usual to load certain map areas and textures - it seems this is only an issue the first time they are loaded - but we are looking into the issue. Note: If you log in and get spooked because it looks like you're not wearing any equipment - go to your equipment tab and take of your equipment and wear it again to fix this. In the spoiler below you can find some previews of areas and NPCs which are now available because of the upgraded cache. Master Capes Players can now visit Thessalia in Varrock to purchase master capes. A master capes requires level 120 to wear (~104M experience). Miscellaneous (non-cache related) Slayer masters can now teleport players to their current slayer task through the dialogue (the slayer masters do not know the location of every assignable slayer creature yet!). Tormented demons have had their combat reworked. A variety of trees have been added to the woodcutting area until we can make a better area. The Dagannoth kings now have a mechanic where they reduce damage dealt to them by 50% if attacked with the incorrect combat style. Dagannoth Prime is weak to ranged attacks Dagannoth Rex is weak to magic attacks Dagannoth Supreme is weak to melee attacks Thank you, Project Dream
  2. Strawberry

    Updates 1st of April 2021

    Updates - 1st of April 2021 Hello everyone, there has been significant progress on upgrading parts of our cache to a newer version and we are currently making sure things have not broken because of these upgrades. We will soon be reaching out to a few people to invite them to play on our test server. When we release the upgraded cache, we will, alongside it, release our first piece of new content. Miscellaneous A bug where a player would catch tuna and swordfish from a 'net/harpoon' fishing spot has been solved. This also caused players to get a message at level 75 fishing that they did not have the required 76 fishing to catch sharks. Jungle, desert and ice strykewyrms have had their combat updated They will no longer deal crazy damage to players when burrowing underneath them They will no longer deal constant high damage with basic attacks They will now use ranged if a player is standing far away, instead of using basic attacks from a distance The jungle & desert strykewyrms will no longer have an identity crisis when the player dies and turn into an ice strykwyrm Prevented the "your dragonfire shield is already full!" message from spamming the players chatbox A bug where a player could not create multiple overloads has been solved A bug where it would sometimes consume double ingredients when making potions has been solved Added a drop table to Starlight (minion of Commander Zilyana). Several improvements to the dropsystem, one of them to fix the issue people were having with Dagannoth kings. Thank you, Project Dream
  3. Strawberry

    RSPS Lists?

    Hi @LMRig, it's probably because the servers have been down for long periods of time the last few years. I've added an item to the backlog for us to look into this. Thanks for your suggestion, 🍓
  4. Strawberry

    Updates 23th of March 2021

    Updates - 23th of March 2021 Hello everyone, @John has been doing some incredible work on investigating the possibility of upgrading parts of our cache to a newer version. If this ends up being successful we'll have access to newer maps, items, objects and npcs. This will, eventually, open up the door for us to start working on implementing new content. We're currently not able to give a timeframe - because we'll have to make sure everything works properly before converting. Just know we're working on it to be able to provide new content to the game! We'll update everyone again when there's news about this. In the meanwhile, we don't want there to be no updates so I have been focusing my efforts on continuing the regular updates. Dragonfire The way dragonfire works and the amount of damage it deals has been revamped. Using an antifire potion, having an anti-magic prayer active or wearing an anti-dragon shield will each give a player one layer of dragonfire protection. Frost, metal and leather dragons now deal a maximum of: 650 damage without any dragonfire protection active; 325 damage with one layer of dragonfire protection active; 0 damage with two or more layers of dragonfire protection active. Queen black dragon: The fire breath attack deals 150, 80 and 40 for none, one or two layers respectively; The fire wall attack deals 250, 187 and 75 for none, one or two layers respectively; The super fire breath attack deals 650, 250 and 200 for none, one or two layers respectively. Tldr; you are now able to stack the antifire potion with an anti-dragon shield to increase your resistance to dragonfire. Super antifire potion To supplement the dragonfire revamp, the super antifire potion has been added. This potion gives two layers of dragonfire protection, effectively giving the player the highest form of dragonfire protection achievable. The super antifire potion can be created by adding a phoenix feather on a regular antifire potion. The phoenix feathers can be obtained by thieving the Desert Phoenix next to the Dominion Tower. Slayer The Jadinko slayer task should no longer be given to players without the required slayer level. The Banshee's have promised to stop stomping players that have earmuffs (or a slayer helmet) equipped. Drop rates The droprate mechanic has been altered in some circumstances to make the droprates closer to advertised. The dagannoth kings will now drop the correct rings and the droprate of the rings and dragon hatchet has been changed to 1:125. Bandos, armadyl, zamorak & saradomin have had their drop table changed to make more sense (the exact rates can be found here). Torva, pernix & virtus item pieces now drop at a 1/333 rate (1/28 to get any piece) from Nex. Godsword shards now drop at a rate of 1/250 from the God Wars generals and 1/500 for their minions. Abyssal demons no longer drop a rune battleaxe, dragon dagger & rune 2h sword as a guaranteed drop. Miscellaneous Shop owners will now take coins straight from the players money pouch. Note: when buying items it will first use up the coins in your inventory and then use the money pouch if the amount of coins in your inventory is insufficient. Note: be careful you don't buy out the entire stock in a shop because using 'max' will also use the money pouch. A bug preventing the creation of unfinished & finished potions has been solved. A bug where using a pestle & mortar on a crushable item would consume the pestle & mortar instead of the crushable item has been solved. Agility pyramid reward increased from 150.000 to 500.000 coins. "nulls" removed from the Chaos Tunnels. Thank you, Project Dream
  5. Strawberry

    Updates 19th of March 2021

    Hello everyone, Game modes We've re-enabled the 'hard mode' for players that are looking an extra challenge in leveling up! Picking this game mode also comes with a hefty 20% increase in drop rate though, so the extra grinding might just be worth it in the long run! Note: Game modes can only be selected when creating a new account. Pick your game mode carefully, as it cannot be reversed! Miscellaneous An issue where a guaranteed drop did not always drop has been solved (for example bones, coins, hides, etc). The prayer altar has been removed from the corporeal beast arena. Aubury, which owned the magic shop, has been removed as Zaff also had the exact same shop. A random 'slave trader' which was standing inside of an altar at the runecrafting area has been removed. The ::players command will now show extreme donators as extreme donators instead of premium donators. The overhead text for Thessalia in Varrock has been changed to reflect that she owns the skillcape shop. Using the lunge attack style with weapons that contain "sword" in them now give shared experience as intended (there are a few exceptions to this like godswords which do not have shared experience styles). If you have any bugs or suggestions you'd like us to look at next, please let us know (suggestions and bug reports). Thanks, Project Dream
  6. Strawberry

    Updates 18th of March 2021

    Hey @Mvpdany & @Gruwy, we understand what you are saying and we welcome any suggestions you might have; be they about rebalancing certain pieces of content, about possible ways to increase advertisement, or new content. For us to start addressing these issues though, we very much need suggestions & feedback from knowledgeable players (like yourself!) which detail the issue and provide one or more possible solutions to the issue. For instance you say there's no sense in doing barrows because black dragonhide is good enough to start doing armadyl (essentially making barrows obsolete) we understand this is an issue. But how would you suggest we address this issue? Should we; remove black dragonhide from the shops or make it way more expensive? or should we make armadyl way stronger? or should we add some kind of barrier to armadyl to prevent lower leveled players to access armadyl? Regarding advertisement; at this stage we currently do not have the funds to start any meaningful advertisement campaigns as we have done in the past (we literally used to pay thousands of GBP each month to advertise on different top listings and social media platforms). We have currently sent out emails to everyone and made a discord post. Again, if you have any suggestions please post them in the according forum section (Suggestions). Thanks, Strawberry
  7. Strawberry

    Updates 18th of March 2021

    Hey @Gruwy, I feel that our mistake in the past has been to have a "big reopening" with a reset following an eventual let down when we were unable to provide frequent updates. This is why we have not done a reopening this time around and have just started back up by releasing this update and getting everything back in working order. As for what we're planning.. well.., we've already made a pretty big list of bugs to squash and potential new features to add. For the record: we are not planning on resetting. Hope to see you in-game, Strawberry
  8. Strawberry

    Updates 18th of March 2021

    Hello everyone, it's been quite awhile since the last update. John and I have been hard at work this past week to rework certain content, fix a plethora of bugs and to restore Project Dream operations. A note about past donations We have reimbursed all donations (without limits) made after the 30th of November 2017 (17:35:57 GMT). If you have donated after this date, your account should now have the credit balance to reflect this. If you have donated before this date and are able to provide proof, please create a forum post in the donation refunds section of the forums. We reserve full discretion and will be handling these on a case to case basis as we do not have donation logs that go back this far. God Wars Instances The God Wars instance system has received major reworking. You now require souls of the corresponding general to use the instance. Captain Bentley near the South East bank in Varrock will, if asked, explain in detail how the new instance system works. The God Wars generals (General Graardor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Kree'arra and Commander Zilyana) have also received a significant buff in their respawn timers to prevent long waiting times in between kills. When inside an instance, they now respawn 10 seconds after the boss and their minions have been slain. Outside an instance, they now respawn 30 seconds after the boss and their minions have been slain. Captain Bentley has had his dialogue completely rewritten to include the new instance system. He now also offers a right click option 'Travel' which will open a dialogue from which you can quickly teleport to your active instance. Barrows Entering the hidden tunnel now teleports a player directly to the loot chest to make doing Barrows a bit more bearable. Using the spades on top of each hill now works properly so you won't have to bring you own! Players will now appear at the bottom of the stairs after digging, instead of somewhere randomly inside of the crypt. The missing Verac's Brassard has been added to the drop table. The Wise Old man has gone out of business after his supply of Barrows equipment dried up, he's left Varrock and the donator zone to seek fortune elsewhere. Looting the rewards chest now adds rewards straight to your bank if you have no inventory space instead of dropping them on the floor. Upon looting the rewards chest the player now receives a message telling them what they received. Donation shop The gilded armour pieces have been removed from the donator shop. The torva armour pieces have been removed from the donator shop. The inferior winged aura's (normal, greater and master) have been removed from the donator shop. The supreme version remains. Loyalty shop Aura's now last for one hour, with the exception of 'winged' aura's which now last for ten hours. Aura's will now show the correct messages about being active, inactive or recharged when a player interacts with them. If a player uses the option 'open-shop' with Xuan, it will now open his shop. Interface Pressing Esc now closes the current open interface (bank, shops, etcetera). An issue where opening the skill guide caused your screen to black-out has been solved. An issue where clicking on a blinking skill icon (which happens after leveling up) would not make it stop blinking until a player had relogged has been solved. An issue where using the 'sell all' option on an item from within the inventory did nothing has been solved. An issue where using the 'max' option in the sell tab within a shop interface did nothing has been solved. Miscellaneous When levelling up a skill below level 90, players will no longer receive a popup. Mr. Ex will no longer start a dialogue with players, instead he'll instantly show players his teleports options. The ::dz command now teleports players right next to the shops. The ::tutorial command has been added to start the tutorial for players who skip this when they first sign up. The shops in the donator zone will now show their overhead hint text like the shops in Varrock do. When a monster dies it will no longer drop the loot before the monster disappears. The death animation for General Graardor, Tormented Demons and Corporeal Beast have been sped up to look more smoothly. General Graardor his overhead quotes have now been changed to reflect the original quotes. Players will now receive the proper ratio of dungeoneering tokens (one token for every ten experience) when completing dungeoneering floors. The empowered air, earth, water & fire battlestaves in dungeoneering will now provide the wearer unlimited runes of their respective type. An issue with the achievements for picking up gold has been fixed and the difficulty has been increased. Some NPCs which had a shop have been standardized (some worked when using 'shop' and some with 'talk') Examining an item on the floor now returns the item name, quantity and shop price for each item. An issue where rewarded items from the Squeal of Fortune were noted has been solved. Thanks, Project Dream
  9. Strawberry

    Perk effects

    Hello, Perks can be purchased using credits in the donation store (https://projectdream.co.uk/store.php). Slayer perk + reduced cost for canceling your slayer task + receive double slayer points for completing slayer tasks Fishing perk + catch fish 15% faster + have a 20% chance to automatically send a fish to the bank + you don't require any fishing bait or tools to catch fish Mining perk + mine ores 15% faster + have a 20% chance to note an ore Woodcutting perk + cut logs 15% faster + have a 20% chance to note a log Cooking perk + prevents burning of any fish at any level + have a 15% chance to cook a raw fish and receive two cooked fish instead of one (the extra fish will be sent to your bank)