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  1. Owen


    The "players" at ClanWars are bots...
  2. Owen


    It is sadly
  3. Owen

    Updates 5th January 2019

    nice update
  4. Owen

    Hey Everyone!

    It was going pretty well for my first ever server. I had to shut it down sadly as it got less and less popular, It did teach me a thing or two about community management though. I definitely believe I'm more catered towards community then the coding side of it all.
  5. Owen

    Hey Everyone!

    Hello, I used to play this RuneScape Private Server a while ago under "Walt Disney". This server was the very first RSPS I played, even inspiring me to host my own RSPS For a little bit "HappyScape" if anyone ever played it, probably not. Hopefully I'll see some of you around that maybe recognise me. I do hope project dream continues to grow this time round, as it seems to have good runs and then dies down a little bit, but I think that's due to RSPS Dying over the years. anyway. Goodluck everyone. Have a great 2019.