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  1. Margins

    Project Dream Updates #17

    The answer is yes.
  2. Margins

    Project Dream Updates #17

    +10 karma for the banter @DarkBlade I have two skills left to max and I cant train construction
  3. Margins

    Black Screening

    Blackscreening is a huge issue for a large number of players. Teleporting anywhere or walking anywhere outside of basically the starting areas and boss rooms leads to blackscreens, even after deleting the matrix cache. So no idea how I can train construction, or ever buy a comp cape as I blackscreen anywhere past east bank
  4. Margins

    ProjectDream Updates #15

    Santa hats from Elf Warriors at 1/5k drop rate would be nice for those of us who didnt get to play in the first few hours of the update. Came on to play Christmas Day and feel like Im gonna be the only one without a santa hat Ooh nvm it did come back, thanks John <3
  5. Hey Im blackscreening anywhere past east bank, ,making it impossible for me to train construction as i have no planks. Can we see the npc moved into varrock so i dont have to keep crashing?
  6. Margins


  7. Margins


    Blood Necklace needs its effect fixed Bound items cant be destroyed to bind new items
  8. Margins

    Obsidian Items

    probably around like 10k per item so it's not overpowered.
  9. Margins

    Obsidian Items

    Can we fix the sell price for obsidian items? Currently they all sell for only 10 tokkul each. Kinda pointless to have them in game unless they sell for decent tokkul
  10. Margins

    Equipment Screen

    I know it took alot of work last time but it was super nice to be able to check out our equipment and compare stuff
  11. Margins

    Margins Back

    Back again to make a few billions, some good friends, and eventually lose all of both
  12. Margins


    Is there a way to play on Mac?

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