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  1. Not sure if i would be the only who would love this but i think it would be an awesome thing to add to the forums!! Would help so much more to get a hold of people or answer any questions anyone may have. I know we use to have it in the past?!?!?!?! But anyways let me know what you think about adding a chat box on forums!! Thanks and have an amazing day and best wishes! <3 ~Cody
  2. Cody

    bots etc

    I have noticed a lot of bots lately at thieving it's becoming a problem
  3. Cody

    Completionist Cape Requirements

    Great post will come in handy for anyone going for completionist cape!!
  4. Cody

    Thieving Bots

    OK so i don't think i'm the only one who noticed this but past few weeks i've noticed the same players @ thieving stalls doing the exact movements and keep speaking different languages randomly and it's always the same thing typed over and over to make it not look like they are botting.... most of there combats are lvl 80-98 i've noticed and always have 99 thieving and 99 fishing and misc combat stats.. If they are not bots (highly doubtful) i'm sorry for accusing them of it but they keep saying the same thing over and over again constantly.. lately i've been the only player on sometimes and when i teleport to west-bank i've noticed sometimes they just talk to themselves in different languages and when you try to interact with them they don't respond and just keep thieving. Thank you if you can help or solve this situation.... thanks and have a nice day and best wishes!!! ~Cody

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