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  1. DarkBlade

    Black Screened

    bud just make an alt for when it happens so you can just fix it with ur alt
  2. DarkBlade

    General Suggestions

    on the matter of potions i think Overloads need to stay they are used way too much and there arent always gonna be people wanting to make them so they could become way too pricy making them rarely used. as for the 200m capes id agree with that but i still think they need to add the perks to the current skillcapes ^.^
  3. DarkBlade

    New drops for Nex.

    Also they should add arma cbow to zily's droptable, would be another option for those who cant get a ccb or dombow and want a higher tier cbow
  4. DarkBlade

    bots etc

    also the bots at agility courses
  5. DarkBlade

    Project Dream Updates #17

    just curious.... is karma good in this game or bad cus i dont want any bad karma i still need a dom bow....
  6. DarkBlade

    Project Dream Updates #17

    too bad the sawmill is still broke
  7. DarkBlade

    a few things

    Inferno adds in the infernal cape, a stronger and cooler version of the fire cape. it acts as a middle teir cape between fc and the capes from kiln. it also adds more minigames and possible ways to get tokkul or onyx for furys to increase their presence in the market. please do... it is quite annoying to figure out if certain items are in game or not without drop tables
  8. alright i know i need to shut up already i make too many suggestions but hey this list is all about fight cave/kiln related stuff add fight couldron (fun minigame) add obsidian gear from fight couldron(helps with volcano minigames) add Tokkul-Zo ring to Tokkul shop (helps with all volcano minigames) and now a few non related things add toolbelt pls royal crossbow??? Fix lunar teleports (they dont work at all) and thats all for this post but i will probably have even more suggestions so sorry in advance
  9. DarkBlade

    a few things

    that only shows the 25 most killed monsters, i can change the id's but alot of them dont work, what i mean by interactable is that we have the ability to search by either item, monster, or both i could give u links to other servers that have this function if youd like???
  10. DarkBlade

    a few things

    add a way to obtain super antifire (yes i want to fight kbd with sling) add in the ability to make amulets add in the ability to make gem bolts and enchant stryke bow???? make the farming tp dual purpose and have the herb shop there with a bank add a range to the fishing tele for dual training inferno cape? (dont yell at me for this) interactable drop table i think barrows need a look (drops seem more rare than they should be) maybe add linza the disgraced to barrows
  11. DarkBlade

    Project Dream Updates #8

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
  12. DarkBlade

    a couple of things

    i think fleshing out the dungeon would just be nice, add in black drags, hellhounds maybe put the lesser demons in...
  13. DarkBlade


    fix ::rules i dont like getting yelled at for things that are 'against the rules'
  14. DarkBlade

    a couple of things

    would be cool if we could make our own gem tips and enchant them. add more stuff to taverly instead of just black demons. get rid of SoF and just add a vote shop, could have m boxes in it, id say do a poll.
  15. DarkBlade

    Black dragons

    From what i can tell there are no black dragons, black drags are the best way to get a dfs (very important item and fairly rare) without them its harder to do kbd or dbone farming

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