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  1. PinkWhisper

    Slayer Monsters

    and that answer is no, not in slayer tower either so how do we cancel slayer tasks when assigned something that doesn't exist anywhere?
  2. PinkWhisper

    Slayer Monsters

    are ankou in stronghold of security?
  3. PinkWhisper

    Hi I'm Kim

    Kim is my real name but my in-game name is Pinkwhisper. I am 43 and am a game developer, developing a game in Unity3D. Having fun playing this server while taking short breaks from my game even if i am playing with 0 players online.
  4. PinkWhisper

    broken votes?

    I just voted on all 6 sites and each one said my vote was registered but ::checkvotes in game does nothing at all and on vote page it looks like i never voted on anything but if i go back to each site it says i already voted so can't do it again therefore i think your voting system is broken
  5. PinkWhisper

    can't log in

    nevermind, i had to create a username on website to sign in
  6. PinkWhisper

    can't log in

    hello, I just recreated my account, was a member back in 2014 and kinda forgot about this server until i saw my login details saved on a notecard on my computer but it said invalid account so i used same name and password to create a new account but when i try to log in it is telling me invalid login or password but i know it isn't because i just now made the account and even clicked verification in my email.

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