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    Hey Everyone, Just a quick intro about me. My name is Josh found the server quite a while ago but was focused on maxing RS3, I maxed so now im here trying out the server and donated to it! So far i am enjoying the server hope to see yall around!
  2. Josh

    daily votes for free spins

    most of the time after i have done all voting sites i have to do one more in order for it to catch for some reason. The client will tell you when it has all votes.
  3. hey guys i teled to edgeville and my account black screened and is now stuck at the black screen. I have tried closing and reloading client every time however as soon as I log in I just remain at a black screen. https://gyazo.com/d8f8e3017cff26300b3f717a16983487
  4. Josh

    Account Black Screened

    disregard has been fixed
  5. Josh

    Jadinko Slayer Task

    Hey guys, I got a Jadinko task at 59 slayer and cant use the tele any way to reset the task?
  6. Josh

    Jadinko Slayer Task

    ayyye thanks that worked!