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  1. Jamie

    Buggy Pk Bots

    The other guys are welcome to correct me on this front, however John's post announcing the updates states that given that it's in BETA we won't be refunding items lost to bots at this time. I think given the scenario this may require a case-by case review, but for the time being we won't be taking action to restore these items. I've had a discussion with John, and we've decided that we're going to assess this case by case for the time being. I'll attempt to return your items to you later today when I have a little more free time to do so.
  2. Jamie

    safe spotting

    You are allowed to 'safe spot' if it is within the realms of the game (i.e. standing behind a log & using range to prevent a melee npc from being able to attack you). However if you're exploiting a bug in which shouldn't exist (for example sometimes when you use range you'll walk backwards through a wall where you can't be hit) then this can quite easily be deemed as cheating. I think the best way to think about it is; if you can do it in the original game then there's no problem doing so. So in the case you've explicitly mentioned, it depends entirely on how you're using a minion to block you from being hit by a boss, whether that's just the way the game works, or whether you're technically abusing a bug.
  3. Jamie

    Hey Everyone!

    Hey Owen, Welcome back to Project Dream. It's awesome to see so many old players coming back, and it's good to hear that we inspired you to go on and create your own private server; how well did it go, is it still up and running? Look forward to seeing around!
  4. Jamie

    Project Dream Rules

    Project Dream Community Guidelines Respect the Community We want Project Dream to be a fun and safe experience for all players. Following these common-sense guidelines will help to ensure you and other players have a great experience, and that others are not affected by your game play. Remember that certain interactions that seem harmless or fun to you may be perceived completely different by other players. Treat other players with respect and courtesy and conduct yourself in an appropriate manner while playing Project Dream. In particular: Harassment: Never do anything that would be perceived as harassment, stalking, intimidation or inciting others to do the same (see the Terms of Service). Violations can result in the loss of your account. Privacy: Players are identified in the game by screen names that they select. In addition to making smart choices about how you choose to reveal your own identity (for example through posting your username in connection with your real name), don't post, re-post or reveal other information about another player's identity, including their name, phone number, email or physical address, even if a player reveals that info first. Violations can result in the loss of your account. Spam: Everyone hates spam - don't post any. Inappropriate Content: We may review the Content you submit to Project Dream (images, text, etc), particularly if another user has flagged it as offensive, and we may remove it if we believe it's inappropriate for the game. That may include sexual or pornographic content, obscenity, or hate speech. ("Hate speech" refers to content that promotes hatred against members of a protected group. For instance, racist or sexist content may be considered hate speech). Remember, each player is a real person; be respectful to one another and don't say things you wouldn't normally say at work or in front of your mother. Cheating: Don't do it. Play Fair. Only use official Project Dream Software. Methods of cheating, unfortunately, are limited only by cheaters' imaginations, but include at a minimum the following: using modified or unofficial software, auto clicking, macros, sharing accounts, win trading, using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your actions, abusing bugs to your or anyone else's advantage or selling or trading accounts. If you suspect someone of cheating, don't call them out in-game, just report it via the Help Centre and focus on your own quest. We Enforce These Guidelines We will review reported or flagged player accounts and content and will determine whether or not they violate these guidelines. Accounts are penalised for Community Guideline violations - we may issue a warning, suspend you from the game, or (for serious or repeated violations) terminate your account. Project Dream Terms of Service Last Modified: January 04, 2019 Welcome to the Project Dream website, located at projectdream.co.uk (the "Site"). Please read carefully these Terms of Service (the "Terms"), and our Community Guidelines because they govern your use of our Site and video game services via our server (the "Server"). To make these Terms easier to read, the Site, our services and Server are collectively called the "Services". Agreement to Terms By using our Services, you are agreeing to these Terms, and our Community Guidelines. If you do not agree to these Terms, our Community Guidelines, do not use these Services. Changes to Terms or Services We may Modify the Terms or Community Guidelines at any time. If we do so, we'll let you know either by posting the modified Terms on our Site or through other communications. It is important you review the Terms whenever we modify them because if you continue to use our Services after we have posted modified Terms you are indicating to us that you agree to be bound by the modified Terms. If you do not agree to be bound to be modified Terms, then you may not use the Services anymore. Conduct, General Prohibitions and Project Dream's Enforcement Rights You agree that you are responsible for your own conduct and User Content while using the Services, and for any consequences thereof. Please refer to our Community Guidelines for information about the conduct that is prohibited while using the Services. Although we’re not obligated to monitor access to or use of the Services or Content or to review or edit any Content, we have the right to do so for the purpose of operating the Services, to ensure compliance with these Terms, and to comply with applicable law or other legal requirements. We reserve the right, but are not obligated, to remove or disable access to any Content, at any time and without notice, including, but not limited to, if we, at our sole discretion, consider any Content to be objectionable or in violation of these Terms. We have the right to investigate violations of these Terms or conduct that affects the Services. We may also consult and cooperate with law enforcement authorities to prosecute users who violate the law. Feedback We welcome feedback, comments, and suggestions for improvements to the Services (“Feedback”). You can submit Feedback by reaching out to us on social media, or via our Site or Server. You grant to us a nonexclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, fully paid, royalty free, sublicensable, and transferable license under any and all intellectual property rights that you own or control to use, copy, modify, create derivative works based upon and otherwise exploit the Feedback for any purpose. Termination We may cancel, suspend, or terminate your Account and your access to your Virtual Money, your Virtual Goods, or the Services, in our sole discretion and without prior notice, including if (a) your Account is inactive (i.e., not used or logged-into) for one year; (b) you fail to comply with these Terms; (c) we suspect fraud or misuse by you of Virtual Money, Virtual Goods, or other Content; or (d) we suspect any other unlawful activity associated with your Account. We have no obligation or responsibility to, and will not reimburse or refund, you for any Virtual Money or Virtual Goods lost due to such cancellation, suspension, or termination. You acknowledge that Project Dream is not required to provide a refund for any reason, and that you will not receive money or other compensation for unused Virtual Money and Virtual Goods when your Account is closed, whether such closure was voluntary or involuntary.