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  1. Pills

    Project Dream Updates #17

    As i read these, i knew you would be happy
  2. Loving the time spent on updates and fixes !
  3. Very cool! Cant wait to see them ingame and have my own.
  4. Pills

    Project Dream Updates #14

    very nice bug fixes! +1
  5. Pills

    Clutch's Suggestions

    This is all stuff that i think would be nice to have done aswell. What is the problem with dung ? Hp bug?
  6. Pills

    Slayer Monsters

    Cant seem to find zombies also.
  7. Pills

    Event Calender/Command

    I like this, Mind if i post it to my open topic? : : topic_117
  8. Lets hear the players view on what needs done, what you would like to see and how it can benefit Project Dream and the community. This should help the developers concentrate the ideas and get things moving! *please make a point forum suggestion with brief details on it and the benefits*
  9. Pills

    Sum questions

    1 Not sure what this is, if you could explain id be glad to help further 2 We wont be having modes at the start every one will be "normal mode" 3 Yes two (2) accounts logged in at a time MAX! 4 All screen sizes should be working, depending on fps and preference you pick 5 Unsure as of yet. 6 Sure why not, clan chats work. Join your friends and have fun! 7 Home is Varrock square and ::home should get you there in game 8 Dogs? 9 Credits are from ::donate and can not be got in game unless you pay a player willing to donate. Please use a trusted middle man to save any chance of scamming. Some donator items can be traded in game, torva ,gilded and other items like that. Perks and auras CAN NOT. Hope this helps . Pills
  10. Pills

    Pills Intro

    Hello once again everyone, Pills here. Im back again and going to be using "Pills" as my main this time, In the past it has always been "Pills_4_arms" it is now my alt. I hope Every one enjoys Project Dream again, owners and admins have put alot of time into this and it looks great! Looks to be alot of old and familiar names so far and lots of new ones i cant wait to meet! See you all in game! Thanks : Pills

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Project Dream 748 is a highly advanced, well-established Runescape Private Server. Online 24/7, and hosted on a dedicated server. Look forward to over 20 minigames and bosses to defeat, amazing skilling, economy and PKing .

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