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  1. Project Dream has almost been back for a month and the players have definitely been putting in a lot of work! To things like players killing over 11,000 Kree-arra's and seven players reaching over 1 billion total experience. When the server re-released the players put in a lot of effort and here is a list of the players who were first to reach some skilling milestones. Attack - Gray Wolf Defence - Gray Wolf Strength - Badger Hitpoints - Antigodly Ranged - Antigodly Prayer - Margins Magic - Cloud Cooking - Luke Woodcutting - Pills Fletching - Flamestar119 Fishing - Luke Firemaking - Elysian Crafting - Schulz Smithing - Demontank666 Mining - Smoke Herblore - Schulz Agility - Terrence Thieving - Schulz Slayer - Gray Wolf Farming - Terrence Runecrafting - Flamestar119 Hunter - Terrence Construction - Smoke Summoning - Schulz Dungeoneering - Roel Max Cape - Terrence Completionist Cape - Reyhast
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    Heyo o/
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    Project Dream Updates #17

    Best update of the year. Keep it up.
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    Project Dream Updates #13

    Still no gold leaf update and watering can Rip my house 2k17
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    Magic Rework

    I definitely like the Boss Vendor idea. Maybe having it instead where you sell unique boss drops (including comp books) for a certain amount of a new currency. There we could add maybe cosmetics, boss pets, boss titles or other things the players want. Most likely untradables to keep it a money/item sink. We're also looking into new ways to make Prestige more worth it to the players. So no worries about that, though its in the planning stages still. I also like the idea of repairing t80+.
  6. Here is a list of things that are broken/need to be changed in game found by the players. Dungeoneering - 1. Doors that require keys can be opened without a key 2. Divine Skinweavers protective area has an invisable wall around it, meaning you cannot be healed or complete the floor. (Abandoned I) 3. Smithing, Runecrafting, Fletching, and Crafting do not work. 4. Once you have an item binded, destroying an item does not unbind it to make room for a new item. 5. Some boss rooms you can walk into the door, you are not stuck, just a visual thing. 6. Bosses constantly hit whatever their first hit was. 7. Luminescent Icefiend boss in Frozen I's special attack doesnt always hit the player, and sometimes has a weird visual rubberbanding effect on the player. 8. Monsters can walk underneath the statues in the Matching Statues puzzle room. Construction - 0. 'Enter Friends House' option doesn't work. 1. The Gold Leaf in the construction shop is not the correct leaf, making all gilded furniture unbuildable. 2. Some hotspots in the Dungeon part of a POH do not open. 3. Certain hotspot items that require more than 4 materials do not show up properly. (Summoning obby and Rune Case for example) 4. Not all mobs are buildable in the POH Dungeon 5. A watering can needs to be added to the Ghostly Gardener or Fred the Farmer at home so bagged plants can be added to POH. (Gardens and Fancy Gardens) 6. Certain habitats in the POH pet room cannot be built due to items not being attainable ingame. (Volcanic habitat: Stone Slabs) 7. When sitting in a chair, it makes you face the direction you clicked the chair, rather than the direction the chair itself is facing. 8. Marble Magic Wardrobe in POH has the wrong graphic to it, it appears as a gilded magic wardrobe. 9. Pets can teleport into the combat ring. 10. Sitting animations for Thrones do not work. 11. 'Skulls' are not obtainable in game, making some Dungeon Decorations unbuildable. 12. Portal Room Pools dont let you make portals. Agility - 1. The Advanced Barbarian Course does not count laps towards Comp Cape Reqs. 2. The swing rope in the Wilderness Agility course currently gives two exp drops instead of one. 3. There currently is no way to exit the Wilderness Agility Course without dying. Herblore - 1. Potions can only be made by using Herb -> Vial and Unf. Pot -> Material. Not the other way around Magic - 1. Not all staffs are counting towards their respective infinite runes. Other 1. The spades on the barrows hill don't work, you need to bring your own. 2. There is a visual glitch behind the crystal key chest where the ground is a level above where it should be 3. There is a visual glitch on the Varrock Clothing store where the ground is a level above where it should be 4. Dungeoneering Master Skillcape (120 cape) emote currently bugs the lighting around the area when preformed. 5. Dying in the wilderness where you protect 3 items gives you 'toolkits' if you dont have 3 items to keep. 6. "Sling doesnt work" - Darkblade 2k1 7. Overall highscores are counting Total Exp, instead of Total level -> Total Exp This is just an informative post, not guarnteed that they will all be fixed in the next update. Dont be afraid to add to the list in the replys either. -Terrence
  7. This was just a 2am mining thought, but here it is: IF (big hit on if) 120 capes are possible to be coded into the game, a good way to add reason to prestige your 200m skills could be to add the option to buy said skills 120 cape. In DZ there could be a new shop keeper that sells all 120 capes for 200m gp each. Buyable only after prestiging said skill. This would add 120 capes (which players have been asking for), a decent reason to prestige your skills, and a money sink for the economy. Just an idea. -Terrence
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    Hello from Terrence o/

    Thought I'd throw in an introduction, some of you might recognize my old usernames of Rwk7 or Hyper Beast. Terrence is my new main and Rwk7 is my alt, so if someone takes Hyper Beast it isnt me But hello! Glad to see you all on again! Racing to 200m all so goodluck you leaderboard pushers!

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