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  1. Gruwy

    Updates 29th of April 2021

    Would work more on advertisements 😄 Server seems empty
  2. Gruwy

    Updates 23th of March 2021

    Thank You, boys ❤️
  3. Gruwy

    Updates 18th of March 2021

    I would suggest looking around, how the servers evolved and which updates are now used. Understandable that OSRS type servers are more interesting and appealing, but I'm pretty sure with enough imagination we could transform this server into a very interesting one. Widen Your spectre of thoughts and let's work on the server. Consistency is the key - people will come.
  4. Gruwy

    Updates 18th of March 2021

    Yeah we need a mayor rework and something interesting. Maybe even implement new bosses from OSRS, such as Zulrah, Raids etc. A lot of stuff to be fixed. Fix the size of the items in inventory and bank at least, they look too small xD
  5. Gruwy

    Updates 18th of March 2021

    Let's see what You got :) Will donate more, if I will see a point in playing here :D But good luck boys, I believe in You :) If You need any development help, I can assist, as I always wanted to learn how to work with RSPS and have quite solid background :D
  6. Gruwy


    Hi everyone. Received news that we got some updates, decided to look into this server again. Played PD since 2017, but was only frustrated. Let's see what they got 🙂
  7. Gruwy

    Updates 18th of March 2021

    Another short term work or You plan to normally take care of the server? I played PD for 2 years and lived through 2 resets. What are the plans now? Is it worth investing my time here again?
  8. Gruwy

    Updates 24th January 2019

    The server is dead again rofl
  9. Gruwy

    Updates 24th January 2019

    T_T I had to make all of them myself
  10. Gruwy

    Updates 5th January 2019

    Continue, please
  11. Gruwy

    We Need Your Help...

    * Better advertising * More events * Social media activity * New content (bosses, achievements and etc) * Fix economy * Hire better staff (moderators arr juat macroing thieving and don't do anything great)
  12. Gruwy

    Updates 2nd January 2019

    Thanks! Very unusual update! Waiting to see more new players!
  13. Gruwy

    Updates 28th December

    Only BS gem drops