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  1. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #17

    Very well done. Thank you
  2. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #16

    Very nice. Once again thanks for the updates. Can't wait to finally get done work after almost 27 hours and be able to play.
  3. Takedown

    ProjectDream Updates #15

    Very nice update! Thanks again.
  4. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #14

    Thanks again john and team!
  5. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #13

    amazing thank you! keep up the amazing work!
  6. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #12

    What did u find out, It also runs my computer at max. Which makes it almost impossible to do anyting. Anyways thanks for the updates! Good work!
  7. I know a lot of this has already been stated so please don't leave nasty comments, as i am simply building a list that i will edit as i find more. Also please do not flame about my spelling as i edit this when i am tired and so forth. 1. Bones and ashes dropped from NPC's should be 100% of the time. 2. Godwars bosses with lower drop rates and higher health. 3. Gano added in game with polypore staff. 4. Some type of grand exchange so we can establish a market. (player owned shops) 5. Revs with the correct drops, This would add a few more armor peices and wepons along with possible creating some pk excitment. 6. Re-do donations. E.x More expensive for extremes, and so forth. 7. Maybe a few more bosses to add a few more items in game. Zulrah is one that i would love. 8. Take overloads and other high level potions out of shops and let us have a market for them. (gives skillers a way to make money) 9. Maybe some events? kinda of like zombies but maybe something in wilderness? (chance to create some pk'ing opportunites) 10. Chaotic should be untradable, forcing players to do some dung. 11. Effigys should not change the skills when u re-open them. You should have to gain the skills it asks for the first time. 12. Dragonfire shield needs the correct stats for charges. 13. Maybe add some type of skiller point shop, a way for skillers to make some money while skilling. (maybe some fancy outfits along with dragon hatchet and dragon pickaxe in the store as rewards for high amount of points) 14. Maybe add some sort of wildeness boss that would drop some valued items. (again chance to create some player killing)
  8. Takedown

    ProjectDream Updates #11

    Good job thank you
  9. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #10

    Love the updates! When you get a chance a great update would be to fix all the dragons with the bone drops. Keep up the great work! Thanks.
  10. Takedown

    It is Me0w

    Welcome back
  11. Takedown


    100% on all of this! Good job!
  12. Takedown

    a couple of things

    I agree with everything except for getting rid of SoF, It adds its own touch.
  13. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #9

    Very nice update! To bad my computer wont take it
  14. Takedown

    Project Dream Updates #8

    Thank you for all of the hard work and time! Great updates!

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