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    Black Screen

    I will fix you when I log in.
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    Welcome back
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    It is Me0w

    Welcome back
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    Hello there
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    1. Dragonfire shield does not charge correctly. The shield gains no extra stats, it should go from +20 +25 +22 +10 +22 to +1 per dragonfire shield charge, with a max of 50 charges (excluding magic defence), giving the fully charged shield +70 +75 +72 +10 +72 Instead of this being the case, it remains with the uncharged stats no matter how many times you try to charge it. 2. Making Overload potions, if you want to make multiple overload potions in your inventory at once, it will use more than it requires to make the first one and not be able to make any more. For example, if you have 4 extreme ranging potions in your inventory, along with 2 extreme attack, strength, defence, and magic, instead of using only the required 1 extreme ranging, magic, strength, attack, and defence (along with a torstol) to create the first potion it will use more than that (I think it randomly selects multiples of each potion to use to make the one overload). In one case it used 4 extreme ranging potions, 2 defence, and 2 attack potions along with a torstol to make an overload. It should only require 1 of each extreme potion and the torstol to make one. 3. Making extreme ranging potions, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but the process of making extreme ranging potions is very click intensive as you can only make 1 at a time even if you click make-all, it will only ever make 1 of them. This does not apply to the other extreme potions (the rest are fine). 4. Saradomin sword's attack speed is too slow, it should attack at the same speed as an abyssal whip or dragon scimitar (I have told john about this). 5. Summoning, making summoning pouches has been strange for years. If you try to make all of the pouches at once you cannot. You must make 10 first, but if you have between 1-12 (I think that's the cap) of the ingredients left in your inventory you can use the make-all option and it will give you more experience that it should. For example, when making steel titans, making an individual pouch gives you 926 experience (as an extreme donator), making 5 gives you 23,153 experience, making 10 gives you 92,610 experience. At this point I have 3 steel platebodies left in my inventory to make 3 more pouches, if I use the make-all option to make the last 3 pouches I gain 58,344 experience. This definitely does not add up. 6. Frost Dragons do not drop frost-dragon bones on each kills (it should be a 100% drop), the same applies to black demons dropping infernal ashes, and probably applies to other kinds of dragons as well (green dragons).
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    Project Dream Updates #5

    Love the consistent updates
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    Hello there

    Welcome back
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    Possible Prestige Reward

    What about the option to unlock 1 of the gwd bosses to drop their respective pet, armadyl, zamorak, saradomin, bandos etc? Another possible prestige reward could be to unlock the higher tier auras from xuan. For example, at the moment you can get the sharpshooter and greater sharpshooter auras from him, but the master and supreme auras are nowhere to be found. If you prestiged range maybe you could unlock these auras (you would still have to buy them with let's say 10k loyalty points). The effects of these auras should be as follows; sharpshooter 2.5% accuracy increase, greater sharpshooter 5%, master sharpshooter 7.5%, supreme sharpshooter 10%.
  10. Antigodly

    Possible Prestige Reward

    Having already prestiged my range, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, if you are into having random pets or random held items that don't do anything other than make you look 'cool', then prestiging is for you! Even then, prestiging one skill gives you 1 token to use in a store at the donatorzone. The lowest thing in there is 3 tokens, so 3 skills to 200m before you can get any of the things there, with the highest one costing 5 tokens. This is 100% not worth it in my opinion. I've seen another suggestion on the forums about 120 capes, or 200m xp capes. These would be quite nice to unlock after prestiging that skill. As for the 120/200m range cape, it could give more range bonus than an avas while providing the same effect (prevents you from using some of your ammunition from time to time). If anyone has any suggestions for other 'perks' for 120/200m xp capes in other skills, feel free to post them here.
  11. Antigodly


    Hello all, I have been around awhile. My in-game name is Antigodly. Feel free to strike up conversation in-game, I'm not as evil as my name suggests. I'm at least 3 times as evil.

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