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Found 16 results

  1. Today we have some much-needed Dungeoneering improvements. No more random objects/ground-items in strange places Divine Skinweaver now becomes talkable after tunnels are blocked Ores can now be mined Bars can now be smelted Armour/weapons can now be smithed Logs/vines can now be cut Bug allowing people to use any door without the key is fixed Additionally: Black masks/DFS can now be uncharged Diamond bolts added to range store Client diagnostics are automatically sent to us
  2. You asked, and we delivered. Boss pets will now be dropped as a rare item by their larger counterparts. Current boss pets: General Graador Kree'arra Zilyana Nex KBD Corporeal Beast Additionally, the dwarf multi-cannon is now available for high level players in the ticket shop, at ::eastbank
  3. Magic defence decreased for bosses Reduced health of Glacors & Glacytes Price of more popular pets increased from 1gp Added ::shops as a shortcut for extreme donators to get to the shopping tent Added advanced barbarian agility to comp requirements Added Agile Top reward for 100 advanced barbarian agility laps Fixed double exp for wilderness agility rope Added farming supplies to ext shop tent Added ::sawmill for players having issues getting to the sawmill Dung bosses will no longer hit the same constantly You should now be able to unbind/destroy bound items
  4. Re-vamped thieving area at home Client will log output to "output.txt". Send this to us if your client crashes! Some client clean-up - an attempt to reduce crashing Updated teleports tab hover to say "Teleports" instead of "Quests Tab"
  5. Items can now be bound in Dungeoneering Dungeoneering Rewards will now work as expected Magic can now be used in Dungeoneering
  6. Almost Easy

    Magic Rework

    Magic Combat Balance and other things....lol Magic needs to be looked at, With full tier 80/90 weapon you cant hit a single boss in the game, not only that all of the "training" areas are either non-multi or the monsters are too large for the "3x3" AOE for spells to hit. It seems that the AOE splash may be bugged. It also seems that boss magic defense is way too high. Range has been superior on this server for as long as i can remember, melee comes in second, lets be real here, magic on the server has always been an issue. Now it is unfair to just say hey this is broken without any suggestions on fixing anything so here are some thoughts. Nerf Magic defense on boss monsters Increase AOE splash size for multi combat Add new multicombat areas with smaller monsters fix NPC clipping This is a bit off topic but i will cover it anyway, after the glacor "fix" any source of income in the game for gold is unresonable, most bosses outside of arma drop "trash" or items that vendor for little to noting, this is in reference to a "bug" that has been reported that i wont disclose in this post. what can we do to fix this also? Add value to "unique" boss drops drop glacor health / add more value to killing them change vendor prices of "unique" drops Add new demi/semi bosses with straight gold drops or "unique" drops that have some sort of value to combat an influx of gold income which will be the next issue if you add ways of actually earning gold, create more money sinks. you guys have done great with personal instances/exp well. some ideas i have include "Unique" drop vendor. (this is an npc that will buy boss drops for a specific price but not sell them, possibly add a point system to purchase other specific items for killing a boss x amount of times and charge a little bit of cash. Pet Store (giving a way for players to buy pets for more than 1gp or whatever they cost at ::dz) Bring charms back to the summing store but charge more for charms Add a better prestige reward system (prayer prestige at 99 for example, each time you prestige prayer you get a 2% increase in drop rate, this will make people more actively trade bones) im sure this idea could be applied to other skills as well. Adding penalty on death for chaotics and tier 80 above, I.E. have to repair an item after death for it to be usable again I know this is a lot to take in and a lot to consider, but im sure i will think of more and add it here, thanks for reading, please upvote
  7. Added Lumbridge Swamp Caves for Slayer Fixed Fight Caves distance bug Removed herbs and added new SOF items Boosted dung rewards and FIXED HITPOINTS
  8. Dungeoneering exp boost Strykewyrm combat fix Glacors are now easier to kill Added DFS bonuses and special attack Attempted a Godwars minion fix You won't get Slayer tasks which are considerably lower than your level any more Rolling the dice will now show in friends chat
  9. See more, experience more with our latest update which massively boosts rendering distance. Simply zoom out with CTRL & scroll.
  10. Minor update today. Some slayer fixes Addition of more NPCs, including black dragons, at Taverly dungeon
  11. With 1 week having passed since our official launch, we bring you update #7 Barrows stairs added Banshee combat added Shift click to drop Esc to close chatbox interfaces (such as level up) Removed some of the more difficult to get to slayer tasks Fixed magic trees at ::dz Archers ring now announces when dropped Godswords now announce when won from SOF Slayer abilities are now carried over from old slayer system Bats are available at slayer tower Depositing items at ::lrc now works as expected
  12. Fixed choose floor at dung Fixed choose complexity at dung Added dungeon map Fixed some slayer tasks Dragonfire Shields can now be charged Familiars need required summoning level to spawn
  13. CTRL & scroll for zoom dagganoths & crawling hands HP fix pathing fix
  14. We've been busy, and have some new content for you. New slayer system - includes multiple masters and co-op Chaos tunnels added Stronghold of security added More pathing fixes Stairs improvements Client zoom with scroll wheel Added a range of NPCs for slayer Made voting rewards add automatically Added a countdown for voting (so you know when you can next vote) Fixed dungoneering hitpoints Fixed unkillable NPCs
  15. Updates for 1st December Fixed NPC drop bugs Fixed money pouch problems Added advanced course at gnome agility Fixed barbarian course Added Agility Pyramid Fixed kree'arra Slayer fixes John & Strawberry
  16. First of all, I'd like to welcome everyone back to Project Dream. I'm hoping to see a lot of old and new faces in-game! We're starting out strong with updates after the re-launch of Project Dream! We've all been working countless hours in the pasts few months to get as much work done as possible, and I think we've done a pretty good job! Lets get to it, here's a big ass list of updates for you to enjoy: Reworked the entire command system to be more secure and easier to manage. Reworked the entire rank system. Refactored about 800k lines of code. Re-done path-finding & clipping Re-done update server Loading real object examines Fixed black screen Sawmill minigame added Zombies is now a daily event & prizes are boosted Castle wars is now a daily event Top 25 killed NPCs now show drops New "Patron" subscription added, for longer term supporters SOF revamp Messenger improvements Dungeoneering re-written Construction re-written Slayer tasks now cost 30 slayer points to cancel, instead of 500K gold. Slayer tasks now reward 90 and 290 slayer points for every 10th and 50th task completed respectively. Summoning charms Removed summoning charms from the shop. Added summoning charms as drops from monsters. Added a perk system. Perks can be bought with credits through our store. Charming imp perk: + Automatically collects gold, green, crimson and blue charms from the floor, straight into your inventory. Slayer perk: + Allows you to cancel your slayer task for free. + Doubles the slayer points reward. Fishing perk: + 15% faster fishing. + 20% chance to automatically bank one of your fishes. Mining perk: + 15% faster mining. + 20% chance to automatically bank one of your ores. Woodcutting perk: + 15% faster chopping. + 20% chance to automatically bank one of your logs. Boosted Barrows rewards Added a completely new launcher which automatically updates the client, which opens up the possibility to do client-sided updates in the future. You can download and check it out by clicking on the Play Now button! Thanks, John & Strawberry

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