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Updates 1st of April 2021

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Updates - 1st of April 2021

Hello everyone, there has been significant progress on upgrading parts of our cache to a newer version and we are currently making sure things have not broken because of these upgrades. We will soon be reaching out to a few people to invite them to play on our test server.

When we release the upgraded cache, we will, alongside it, release our first piece of new content.


Master skill capes!


The requirements for these capes have not been set in stone yet, but we're currently planning on making the requirement for these capes to be the following; you must prestige the skill at least once and you must be level 120 in the skill to wear the cape.


  1. A bug where a player would catch tuna and swordfish from a 'net/harpoon' fishing spot has been solved.
    1. This also caused players to get a message at level 75 fishing that they did not have the required 76 fishing to catch sharks.
  2.  Jungle, desert and ice strykewyrms have had their combat updated
    1. They will no longer deal crazy damage to players when burrowing underneath them
    2. They will no longer deal constant high damage with basic attacks
    3. They will now use ranged if a player is standing far away, instead of using basic attacks from a distance
    4. The jungle & desert strykewyrms will no longer have an identity crisis when the player dies and turn into an ice strykwyrm
  3. Prevented the "your dragonfire shield is already full!" message from spamming the players chatbox
  4. A bug where a player could not create multiple overloads has been solved
  5. A bug where it would sometimes consume double ingredients when making potions has been solved
  6. Added a drop table to Starlight (minion of Commander Zilyana).
  7. Several improvements to the dropsystem, one of them to fix the issue people were having with Dagannoth kings. 

Thank you,
Project Dream

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