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Updates 16th of April 2021

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Updates - 16th of April 2021

Upgraded cache

We have released the upgraded cache! When you start your launcher it will, hopefully, automatically download the necessary files. 

Lots of small issues that arose because of the upgraded cache have been fixed. For example; slayer tower was completely different, some NPCs were changed which meant they broke, the entrance to Dagannoth kings now has a walled off area before you can enter, and much.. much more).

I'm sure there will be more issues which we have missed, and it would be much appreciated if they were reported in the bug reports section.

Note: We are aware that in some circumstances it takes longer than usual to load certain map areas and textures - it seems this is only an issue the first time they are loaded - but we are looking into the issue.

Note: If you log in and get spooked because it looks like you're not wearing any equipment - go to your equipment tab and take of your equipment and wear it again to fix this.

In the spoiler below you can find some previews of areas and NPCs which are now available because of the upgraded cache. 


Kalphite King - Note: this has NOT been added to the game yet! image.png


Slayer tower


Master Capes

Players can now visit Thessalia in Varrock to purchase master capes. A master capes requires level 120 to wear (~104M experience).


 Master Capes

Miscellaneous (non-cache related)

  1. Slayer masters can now teleport players to their current slayer task through the dialogue (the slayer masters do not know the location of every assignable slayer creature yet!).
  2. Tormented demons have had their combat reworked.
  3. A variety of trees have been added to the woodcutting area until we can make a better area.
  4. The Dagannoth kings now have a mechanic where they reduce damage dealt to them by 50% if attacked with the incorrect combat style. 
    1. Dagannoth Prime is weak to ranged attacks
    2. Dagannoth Rex is weak to magic attacks
    3. Dagannoth Supreme is weak to melee attacks

Thank you,
Project Dream

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