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Buggy Pk Bots

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Had around half health when I stepped into safety at the pk bots, bot kept attacking me while I was in safe zone. Went back and loot wasn't there, had to wait for it to show up. 
After loot showed up all the bots jumped it and took everything.

Not sure why or how it happened but I lost half my bank..

The bot also followed me home after and is now glitched at home with his infinite prayer on..

I'd like my stuff back if possible

- Full Armadyl 
- Swift Gloves (black)

- Dragon Bolts (e)

- Ranger Boots 


The rest I don't care about.

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The other guys are welcome to correct me on this front, however John's post announcing the updates states that given that it's in BETA we won't be refunding items lost to bots at this time.

17 hours ago, John said:

We will not refund any items lost to bots.

I think given the scenario this may require a case-by case review, but for the time being we won't be taking action to restore these items.


I've had a discussion with John, and we've decided that we're going to assess this case by case for the time being.  I'll attempt to return your items to you later today when I have a little more free time to do so.

Edited by Jamie

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I can see from our logs that your account of events isn't quite the truth, as this is where your items were dropped:




I've tested moving to safe areas and not once have the bots attacked me after moving there; with any attack style etc.

The release thread clearly states that we will not refund items lost to the bots under any circumstances, and its a well-known inherent risk that you knowingly take when using the red portal that you may lose your items.


In future, stick to the white portal unless you are taking items that you can afford to lose.

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Ahh, When I was pking standing there was safe, as when I tried to attack it would say "you need to be in the wilderness to pk" something like that..

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