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Donator Benefits

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Your donations help keep Project Dream running.


Your donation grants you access to:

  • Donator commands
  • XP_Counter_icon.png  Increased EXP rate (1.35x for Premium Donators and 1.8x for Extreme Donators)
  • Santa_hat.png  Increased rare drop rate (1.10x for Premium Donators and 1.20x for Extreme Donators
  • Increased hit rate
  • Access to the donator zone (::dz) 
    • Dedicated skilling areas
    • Concentrated shop spawns
    • Prestige for combat ability rewards
    • Additional combat training
    • Bork
  • Ability to wield:
    • Void_knight_mace.png  Void items
    • Guthix_halo.png  Halos
    • Flaming_skull_(green).png  Flaming skulls
    • Ring_of_death_(i).png  Imbued rings
    • Deathtouched_dart.png  Deathtouched darts
    • Third_age_kiteshield.png  Third-age items
  • Ability to change yell colour
  • A warm fuzzy feeling

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